Video Shows Miami News Anchor Screaming 'Your F**king Son Who's Dating A F**king N****r' At A Neighbor

Video Shows Miami News Anchor Screaming 'Your F**king Son Who's Dating A F**king N****r' At A Neighbor

WSVN-Channel 7's Robin Cross has been put on leave.

Published February 10, 2018

A Miami news anchor is in hot water after video was captured of her screaming the n-word, among other profanities, during a rant about parking.

25-year news veteran Robin Cross has been placed on leave pending an investigation, according to WSVN-Channel 7, the network the anchor works for.

The Miami Herald says sources close to Cross told them that the 49-year-old has been in a vicious dispute with a neighbor since moving to Fort Lauderdale’s Isle of Venice Drive four years ago.

Video taken by Robert Fenton, the man she’s having the dispute with, shows Cross yelling “You don't f*****g own the road” after he complains about her parking in-front of his driveway.

Then it gets much worse.

“Yes, I used the word f**king if you haven't heard it before,” she continues, adding at the of the video clip, “Except for your f**king son who's dating a f**king n****r… Finally, I said it out loud.”

Oh no. No no no no no.

Luckily, Fenton had the wherewithal to record the shocking incident. He then turned over the video to the son she for some reason brought into their spat.

Avery Fenton is a local attorney and wrote to Cross’ SVN news director Tony Gonzalez.

“Your employee reduced my girlfriend to nothing other than a slur based off of the color of her skin last night,” Fenton wrote.

“She was using her press credentials as a weapon,” he also told The Herald. That footage was not a part of his father’s video. “It's saying look at who I am and how much power I have. I'm gonna get you.”

Lily Pardo, a spokeswoman for WSVN, said she could not comment due to the investigation into Cross’ actions still being ongoing.

Robin Cross has not offered a public apology or any response to the video since it hit the Internet.

Written by Paul Meara

Video: Avery Fenton


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