The Family Of A 'Loved' And 'Loyal' Father Is Demanding Answers After He Was Murdered Execution Style

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The Family Of A 'Loved' And 'Loyal' Father Is Demanding Answers After He Was Murdered Execution Style

31-year-old Dominic Jerome “D.J.” Broadus II's family is asking police for an "honest" investigation.

Published February 25, 2018

A family is demanding answers from law enforcement after one of their own was murdered execution-style earlier this month.

On February 3, Dominic Jerome “D.J.” Broadus II, a Jacksonville native was found shot dead in the back of a home outside of Macclenny, Florida. The 31-year-old is described as “loved,” “loyal,” and a “great dad” who was a “storyteller.”

Broadus’ family isn’t certain of what happened to him, however they do know that he was unarmed at the time and was shot three times in the back of the head “at close range.”

The family didn’t physically see the man’s body until three days after he was killed. It’s also reported that Broadus’ car was towed after he was killed and his father had to pay $330 to retrieve it.

On February 3, at 3:45 pm, officers responded to a call of a shooting at the home where Broadus’ body was found. Also at the location was Gardner Kent Fraser, the son of a former Florida sheriff's deputy. He was subsequently questioned and released. The family is now questioning whether the investigation into Broadus’ death can be impartial.

“The fact that our son was an outsider in Baker County and the suspect is a longtime, well-connected, Baker County resident, gives us great concerns about the fairness of the process,” a message on the “Justice 4 DJ Broadus” Facebook page reads in part. “As parents, our hopes are that a thorough, honest, and unbiased investigation will be conducted.”

At least one other person was at the home where Broadus was killed. The Root is reporting that the Baker County Sheriff’s Office will not let anyone know the person’s name as well as other details about the crime scene. The cell phone Broadus was carrying was also never recovered.

The Fraser family reportedly has a history of gun violence. In 2009, Fraser’s father, Ryan T. Fraser, was fired for shooting an unarmed black man while responding to a robbery call. Jacksonville sheriff John Rutherford concluded that officer Ryan’s actions were “unacceptable.”

Broadus’ family are currently seeking funds to make sure they find out the truth. They’ve launched a You Caring account aimed at raising money for an independent autopsy and pending legal expenses. They’ve raised over $2,700 as of Sunday evening.

Written by Paul Meara

Photo: Larry W. Smith/Getty Images


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