Video of White Off-Duty Officer Tackling A Black Woman For Recording Him Harassing Black Girls

Photo Taken In Czech Republic, Prague

Video of White Off-Duty Officer Tackling A Black Woman For Recording Him Harassing Black Girls

The officer was reportedly fired.

Published March 11, 2018

Melanie Carter decided to film a verbal altercation between a group of Black teenage girls and a movie theater manager in Pennsylvania, and apparently, it got her tackled and forcibly arrested by an off-duty police officer.

  1. Carter began running video at the North Versaille Stadium 18 movie theater on February 23 after the theater manager accused the group of girls for causing a ruckus inside the theater.

    “You guys have been a problem since you got here,” Christopher Kelly, the off-duty officer with North Versailles police department, said of the girls in the video. He subsequently asked everyone to leave. That’s when Carter said that she paid money so that her children could watch a movie.

    “You're behaving like an animal,” the manager said to Carter and the girls. Subsequently, after the women refuse to leave, Kelly took out his handcuffs and informed the woman that she is “defiant trespassing.” In the following seconds, Kelly appears to tackle the woman. Carter claims that he banged her head on the sidewalk and put his knee in her back.

    “I broke no laws,” she wrote on Facebook. “I'm asking the community to help me seek justice. I need a lawyer.”

    After the incident, Carter was charged with resisting arrest, failure to disperse, defiant trespass, and disorderly conduct.

    The movie theater announced on Facebook that the officer was not actually on-duty and he, along with the manager in the video, have been fired.

    “We are aware of this incident and after an internal investigation, we determined that the manager’s conduct does not reflect our values, his training, or our policies,” North Versaille Stadium 18 wrote on Friday (March 9). “This is certainly not the way we treat people, and this manager has been relieved of his duties. The off-duty police officer is not an employee of our company, and his actions have been reported to his superiors.”

    See the video of what happened below.

Written by Paul Meara

Photo: Jaromir Chalabala / EyeEm


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