Graphic Photos Show The Aftermath Of A Woman’s Crazy Night Out After A Stripper Bit Off Her Finger

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Graphic Photos Show The Aftermath Of A Woman’s Crazy Night Out After A Stripper Bit Off Her Finger

Despite the traumatizing incident, Karen Osuji remained in good spirits.

Published March 13, 2018

A night out with a friend got a little too rowdy for one Kansas City woman who said the top of her ring finger was bitten off during a fight.

Karen Osuji, 25, told BuzzFeed News she and friends were at a Missouri strip club called Baccala on Friday night when a huge fight broke out between two women on stage. A security guard broke up the fight by escorting one of the participants, a dancer named Diamond, back to her dressing room.

Although Diamond was removed from the scene, the situation escalated into an all out brawl between multiple people. But tensions continued to flare between the women, and more people got involved, until it became a massive brawl.

While Osuji was waiting in line for the bathroom, which was right next to Diamond’s dressing room, she became intertwined with the commotion.

"Security tried to, like, pick the girl up or bear hug [her] and in the midst of all that I was stuck in it too, and my hand was stuck," she told Buzzfeed.

Osuji said Diamond then began biting as "girls come up and try to fight her."

"I'm trying to pull my hand out and by the time I do...boom, finger gone," Osuji added.

Immediately following the bite, Osuji was rushed to the fire department across the street while her friend Ali found the finger and put it on ice. The two were then transported to the emergency room at Truman Hospital in downtown Kansas City.

  1. Warning: The images below are graphic
  2. With Osuji's permission, Ali shared photos of her severed finger to Snapchat

    "During all this time I was super calm... I wasn't crying," Osuji said. "I don't know if I was in shock or what, but I was chillin'."

    The photos were then re-shared to Ali's Twitter, where they've since gone viral.

    Osuji said she was discharged around noon the next day, yet the hospital was unable to reattach her finger.

    "They couldn't put it back so I had to accept it. It was all good spirits in the ER," she told BuzzFeed News.

    Osuji said she plans to file charges.

  3. People on twitter nearly lost their lunch at the site of the images

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo: Rubberball/Getty Images)


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