Austin Police Chief Finally Calls White Serial Bomber Mark Conditt A 'Domestic Terrorist'

Austin Police Chief Finally Calls White Serial Bomber Mark Conditt A 'Domestic Terrorist'

Chief Brian Manley was previously criticized for calling him a "troubled young man."

Published March 23, 2018


After facing intense criticism for the way he and his department categorized the Austin serial bomber, Austin Police Chief Brian Manley finally described assailant Mark Conditt as a “domestic terrorist."

In the past, Chief Manley called Conditt a “very troubled young man" who just so happen to kill two Black men with explosives.

However, the chief changed his tune during a meeting on Thursday by saying the suspect was a “domestic terrorist for what he did to us," reported the Associated Press. 


In the wake of the terrorist attacks in Austin, which resulted in the deaths of Anthony Stephan House and Draylen Mason, the mainstream media and Austin police continue to infantilize the bomber with old pictures and forgiving language. 

The Austin bomber was identified as 24-year-old Mark Anthony Conditt, who blew himself up in a chase with police. Although Conditt is responsible for the death of two Black men and the terrorizing of a community, he has been described as a "challenged young man" by Austin Police Chief Bryan Manley.

Additionally, a high school image of Conditt smiling has been the only image circulated. 

  1. People are calling out the media for being complicit in the babying of Conditt
  2. Many wonder why only high school pictures are being used to identify Conditt
  3. There has been a high demand for the police to release the confession tapes

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo: Austin Police Department)


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