Man Gruesomely Kills His Wife, Her Sister, And Then Himself In Front Of Their Children

Crime Scene tape at the front door of a luxury home

Man Gruesomely Kills His Wife, Her Sister, And Then Himself In Front Of Their Children

The couple's three kids and their cousin ran past their parents' bodies to escape.

Published March 26, 2018

A horrific double murder in Florida forced three siblings and their cousin to flee the house where they just witnessed their parents die.

The tragic killing took place on Sunday morning in Delray Beach when Julien Rosenberg, 44, killed his 43-year-old wife Pierrena Rosenberg and her sister with a semi-automatic handgun. After he killed the two women inside their small home, he went out to the backyard and shot himself, reported the South Florida Sun-Sentinel.

The couple’s two boys and girl and the sister’s daughter had to run past the slain bodies as they fled the house, according to Dani Moschella, spokeswoman for the Delray Beach Police Department. The sister was identified as Lourdine Cazeau, 41.

The children, who range in age from 5 to 14, were not injured and are safe with relatives, Moschella confirmed.

Although police said there were no previous calls to the house involving violence, a relative of Pierrena said her husband had repeatedly threatened to kill her.

On the morning of the murder-suicide, police received a 911 call to the address just before 6 a.m. Police are not sure who made the call.

Pearlie McMiller, who lives directly across the street from the Rosembergs’ house, was shocked by the deaths.

“I never saw them arguing, their kids would come and play in my sister’s yard, they used to come and sit in my sister’s yard … never thought something was going on like this,” McMiller told the Sun Sentinel. “I never knew anything like this happen in this neighborhood, nothing.”

Pierrena Rosenberg worked seven days a week taking care of elderly people, took care of the kids, paid bills, cooked and was studying to become a nurse, relatives said. About five years ago she went to Haiti and brought Julien Rosenberg to the U.S. She also recently brought her sister from Haiti to live with her.

“She was a very hard worker,” a relative told the Sun Sentinel. “She always had family dinners, loved to have people over, she cooked for us, she was the best cook ever.”

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo: adamkaz/Getyy Images)


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