NYPD Sergeant Who Blamed Her Failed Drug Test On Her Weave Has People Shaking Their Damn Heads

FAILED stamped on a Drug Test Results form. Artwork created by the photographer.

NYPD Sergeant Who Blamed Her Failed Drug Test On Her Weave Has People Shaking Their Damn Heads

And here's the new excuse Tracy Gittens is giving.

Published March 26, 2018

An NYPD sergeant who claimed her “hair weave” was the reason she tested positive for marijuana during a drug test last year is offering a new line of defense.

When Tracy Gittens was assigned to the personal security detail of Mayor Bill DeBlasio’s wife, Chirlane McCray, at Gracie Mansion, she took a drug test in January 2017 and failed. At the time, she said she tested positive for weed because technicians accidentally snipped and tested strands of human hair from her weave, reported the New York Daily News.

  1. The weave excuse had people rolling their eyes
  2. “I was shocked. I do not do drugs,” Gittens testified at her department trial at police headquarters Friday. “When they told me I tested positive I immediately volunteered to take another test. It was impossible for the test to be positive.”

    After receiving the results of the random drug test, Gittens then got an independent urine and blood test at her doctor’s office. She got a hair test a day later. According to Gittens, those tests came back negative.

    “The (initial) test had to be wrong because I do not do drugs,” she claimed.

    Gittens was suspended for 30 days over the positive pot results.

    Although Gittens claimed the weave botched her test, a forensics analyst testified on Thursday that mitochondrial DNA testing confirms the snipped strands are a match to Gittens.

    There is a “95 percent confidence interval” that the snipped strands belong to Gittens or one of her maternal relatives, analyst Gloria Jean Dimick testified at the police headquarters proceeding, reported the New York Post.

    After the testimony by the analyst, Gittens and her representation said she could have ingested marijuana accidentally, the Post reported. 

    “They haven’t offered any evidence, whatsoever” that Sgt. Tracy Gittens intentionally consumed pot, her lawyer, Michael Giordano, said Friday in closings at her ­departmental trial.

  3. Gittens' new argument did not land well

    A Department Trial Commissioner will determine Gittens' guilt and make a recommendation to Police Commissioner James O’Neill, who will have the final say on whether she is dismissed. 

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo: KLH49/Getty Images)


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