Viral Post On Black Kid Teased By White Peers Because He Didn't Have Money For Food Sparks Debates

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Viral Post On Black Kid Teased By White Peers Because He Didn't Have Money For Food Sparks Debates

Demeshe Brown is calling out bad parenting and bad friends.

Published March 28, 2018

Most of us remember the days of going to the store with your friends, combining all your money, stocking up on snacks, and sharing them equally. Well, according to one Facebook user, times have certainly changed, and she's taken it upon herself to call out today's parents and youth in one viral post. 

  1. On March 5, Demeshe DeAngela Brown shared a Facebook post about witnessing a Black kid who didn't have enough money to get a meal and his non-Black friends didn't have his back

    "Stop sending your kids out with their friends knowing that they don’t have any money on them. I was working today and eight young guys came in and they all ordered and one of them was kinda lingering on the side and another joked “ HAH, you THOUGHT you were bout to get something” after he finished placing his order... and the lil dude nicely laughed it off and ordered one cookie , while all 7 of his “friends” ate GREAT.. and didn’t offer him a thing. Then he must’ve found some more change bc he came back up and ordered another cookie. I waited until they were about to go and caught the lil guy before he went out.. I rushed a whole plate to him like “you forgot your order sir, sorry it took so long” and whispered to him “Pay attention to how ppl treat you.”... Not to mention, he was a young black kid and all of his friends weren’t.. We can’t let our own go out sad. I can’t do it," she wrote.

  2. Although Brown started her post by talking about parents, many people blamed the other kids for not being good friends
  3. However, some commented that the kid and his parent probably learned a lesson for the future
  4. Meanwhile, Brown's good deed did not go unnoticed

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo: pmmart/Getty Images)


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