Bridge Collapse Survivor Whose Friend Died Was Covered In Blood After She Was Crushed Next To Him

Bridge Collapse Survivor Whose Friend Died Was Covered In Blood After She Was Crushed Next To Him

FIU student Richard Humble could only see Alexa Duran's hair after the horrific accident

Published April 3, 2018

A Florida International University student who was injured during the collapse of the pedestrian bridge last month has opened up about the severe anxiety he has suffered since the incident.

Richard Humble, 19, said he is so overwhelmed by the anxiety of driving under any structure that he has already had to pull over twice while drive.

The college sophomore remembers the moment he heard the bridge cracking and saw his best friend, Alexa Duran, 18, disappear under the structure, reported Local 10.

Duran was driving him back from a doctor's appointment on March 15 when they were stopped at a red light. At this moment, Humber said he heard a crack and saw the bridge topple on top of the SUV they were in.

He shouted Duran's name and ducked down as fast as he could, but there was nothing he could do to save her. She died at the site of the collapse, according to the Sacramento Bee.

"She wasn't saying anything. And I had her blood on me, and I didn't really know what to do," he told the Sacramento Bee. "I looked up at her one more time. I saw just her hair, nothing else."

He has since filed a lawsuit against the construction and engineering companies involved in the project and his is just one of a handful that have been filed by the families of the other victims and survivors.

"She was the brightest light in my life, really — always there for me, whenever. There was never a no,” he told Local 10 of his relationship with Duran.

Duran was one of six victims to die from the collapse.

Humble's attorney said they also plan to sue FIU and the Florida Department of Transportation.

"What type of governmental entity would not protect its citizens, and when they are going to do some tightening or adjusting of a project like this not simply shut down the highway?" attorney Stuart Z. Grossman asked Local 10.

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo: Local 10 News)


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