Brave Two-Year-Old Saved Mother And Sister From House Fire Before Tragically Dying In The Flames

Brave Two-Year-Old Saved Mother And Sister From House Fire Before Tragically Dying In The Flames

Little DJ was able to wake up his family and alert them to the blaze.

Published April 6, 2018

A Kentucky mother is sharing the story of her hero toddler who died after saving her and her infant daughter during a house fire.

Whitney Johnson, 26, had her life burned to pieces when her apartment building caught fire in 2015 fire, reported Lex 18.

After having several years to recover, both physically and emotionally, Johnson has opened up to  SWNS about that terrifying night. Johnson said she, her two-year-old son, DJ, and her five-week-old baby, Nyla, were asleep on the couch when a heater exploded.

As the flames started engulfing their home, the smoke detector failed. DJ was the only one who woke up and shouted to his mother and baby sister.

When Johnson realized her home was turning into an inferno, she grabbed DJ’s hand and picked up her baby in order to run to the front door.

“I had my newborn in one arm and I tried to open the front door and had to let go of my son’s arm to do that,” she told SWNS.

When she turned the key, DJ ran back to his room in fear.

“He ran directly to his room and shut his door. He was coughing and yelling for me and I was trying to look for him but couldn’t see him through the black smoke and flames,” Johnson said.

“I tried to get myself to him but I couldn’t find him and I tried to open the door but at first I couldn’t,” the mother added.  “I looked at my daughter and her scalp was melting and that forced me out. I was able to open the door and got everyone out of the entire building.”

After exiting the building, Johnson handed her daughter to a neighbor and went back in to find her son.

“At that point getting my son out was all that was on my mind. I tried to run back into the apartment but it was in flames.”

DJ had climbed back into his bed, where he died from smoke inhalation.

 “DJ is my hero. If it wasn’t for him yelling for me, we definitely would not be here,” the tearful mother told SWNS.

Johnson was put on life support, where she was left with burns on 29 percent of her body. Nyla was also kept in the hospital for two months before she was discharged with burns on 19 percent of her body.

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo: LEX 18)


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