Father Who Had Sex with And Married His Own Daughter Confessed to Killing Her and Their Baby

Father Who Had Sex with And Married His Own Daughter Confessed to Killing Her and Their Baby

Steven Pladl also killed his daughter's adoptive father before turning the gun on himself.

Published April 13, 2018

The North Carolina incest dad who married and had a baby with his own daughter confessed to killing them both in a chilling 911 call before taking his own life.

In a 911 call obtained by WNCN, in Raleigh, the mother of Steven Pladl, 42, said her son admitted to killing 20-year-old Katie Pladl and the couple's 7-month-old son, Bennett.

“Oh God, he told me to call the police and I shouldn't go over there,” a caller identified as Steven's mother told the dispatcher.

 “He killed his baby and [the baby is] in the house...His wife broke up with him over the phone yesterday...I can't even believe this is happening,” she added.

Katie and her adoptive father, 56-year-old Anthony Fusco, were found dead in a vehicle in Connecticut. Miles away, the body of Steven Pladl was on Thursday morning in his vehicle in Dover, N.Y.

The baby’s body was found inside Pladl's home, in Knightdale, N.C., where he was being cared for by Pladl’s mother.

Earlier this year, Katie and Steven Pladl were arrested for their illegal sexual relationship. After Katie bonded out of jail, she moved in with her adoptive family in New York, WNCN reported.

According to police, Steven Pladl tracked down his daughter and her adoptive father after driving through the night on Wednesday.  Connecticut authorities said Steven Pladl used an AR-15 to kill Katie Pladl and Fusco before he shot himself.

"This is a terrible tragedy that nobody foresaw,” Rick Friedman, an attorney who had been representing Steven Pladl, told WNCN. “I really believe that if the judges or the prosecutor or the defense attorneys in this case had any clue that the minor child or anyone would be harmed

In a 911 call, Steven Pladl’s mother told dispatch her son admitted to multiple crimes: “he killed his wife, he killed her (adoptive) father” after “his wife broke up with him over the phone yesterday”

While police suspect the couple's recent breakup may have triggered the attack, they are still investigating the exact motive, said New Milford Police Lt. Lawrence Ash.

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo: City-County Bureau of Identification)


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