White Man Caught On Video After Calling Black Teacher ‘N****r” In Racist Road Rage Attack

White Man Caught On Video After Calling Black Teacher ‘N****r” In Racist Road Rage Attack

Eric DeKeyser was arrested for disorderly conduct.

Published April 18, 2018

A white man was arrested by Georgia police after following a Black high school teacher into a shopping center parking lot and berating him with racial slurs.

Terrence Stover is a U.S. history teacher and football coach at South Gwinnett High School. He told a local news station the incident took play on April 6 around 10 a.m.

“It’s shocking that it was so blatant,” Stover told WSB-TV. “It’s wrong and it’s hurtful.”

Stover said the racist verbal attack began as a road rage incident with a white man, who authorities identified as 49-year-old Eric DeKeyzer.

According to Stover, DeKeyzer was driving too closely to him, which prompted him to make room for DeKeyzer to move around him. Instead, DeKeyzer pulled up next to him at a stoplight and called him a “n****r,” Stover said.

“He rolls his window down and he starts saying a lot of racial slurs and shooting me birds, middle finger and stuff like that,” the teacher told WSB-TV.

In order to avoid any further confrontation, Stover pulled into a shopping center parking lot. When Stover saw DeKeyzer had followed him into the lot, he pulled out his phone and started recording.

“You called me a n****r for no reason,” Stover told DeKeyzer in the video.

“Yeah because I knew it would get a f*****g rise out of you because you’re acting like one,” DeKeyzer responded.

As the situation escalated, Stover and witnesses called Johns Creek Police and reported the incident. An officer responded to the scene, reviewed the cell phone video, and detained DeKeyzer.

DeKeyzer was charged with disorderly conduct and taken to the Alpharetta Jail before he was released.

Stover insisted he did nothing to provoke the racist attack and says he showed restraint to teach his students.

"I teach my kids not to fight unless you're defending yourself," Stover told WSB-TV. "I just pray people think before they do."

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo: WSB-TV)


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