Outrage After Video Shows White Sorority Girl Say 'N****r If You're Offended Suck My D**k'

Old Main building in the campus of Penn State, State College, Pennsylvania, USA. Pennsylvania State University or Penn State is a major public research university in the State of Pennsylvania, enrolling over 96,00 students.

Outrage After Video Shows White Sorority Girl Say 'N****r If You're Offended Suck My D**k'

Penn State says their students are protected by free speech but many call it a "weak response."

Published April 23, 2018

Videos of two white female college students using the n-word has received two very different reactions from the girl’s respective colleges.

In the videos, originally posted to Instagram story and then reposted to Twitter, the girls repeatedly use the word “n****r.”

While both students in the videos are wearing Penn State apparel, only one of them actually attends the school while the other attends William Paterson University in New Jersey, according to Centre Daily Times.

  1. In one video, a student identified as Kaitlin Listro says if you're offended by her using the n-word then "suck my d**k"

    Although the tweet identifies the girl in the elevator as Jasmin Barkley, the names were properly identified later. 

  2. In the other video, Jasmin Barkley takes a poll about whether or not it's wrong for her to use the word

    According to @seauntheactivist on Twitter, Jasmine is a member of William Paterson's chapter of the Delta Phi Epsilon Sorority.

  3. The William Paterson University Vice President responded to the video and said they are investigating
  4. However, Penn State said while they condemn the racist language, they cannot infringe on their student's first amendment rights
  5. Penn State's response was not well received

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo: Aimintang/Getty Images)


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