Video Of White Man Defending Racist Confederate Flag Display With Red Lipped Black Mannequins

Video Of White Man Defending Racist Confederate Flag Display With Red Lipped Black Mannequins

When asked if they hate Black people, Louis Jones said: "everybody hates everybody."

Published April 24, 2018

A white man in Ohio has been widely criticized for defending a porch display of Confederate flags and Black mannequins with afro wigs and painted red lips.

Louie Jones, Jr. lives in Lindale with his father and told a FOX19 NOW reporter the display has been up for years and should not be viewed as racist.

“In no way, shape, or form should anybody think that it’s racist," Jones told FOX19 NOW.

Although Jones felt there is nothing wrong with the display, people in the neighborhood find it extremely disturbing.

At one point, a FOX19 reporter asked “What would you say to someone driving by this saying that family hates black people?"

“Everybody hates everybody, ya know?" Jones said. "It just depends on what you hate and what you like. It ain’t got nothing to do with race, we ain’t racial.”

  1. During the interview with FOX19, Jones' friend Tammy, who lives down the street, interjected and spoke about the flags.

    "The flags have always flown, that's for our country," she said when asked when all the items were put on display.

    "It's not racist," Jones added. "It's for the war that we won."

    When the reporter asked Jones what war he was referring to, he became quiet.

    "The Civil War," FOX19 NOW's Maytal Levi responded. "So, that would be the wrong flag."

    "In some people's eyes," Tammy inserted.

    Eventually, Jones and Tammy were asked about why the Black figures are also on the porch.

    "All the baseball players on there are actually from the first blacks that played the baseball game,” Tammy said.

    However, it does not appear the red-lipped mannequins are not representative of iconic Black baseball players.

  2. Jones was called out for calling racist lawn jockeys eating watermelon a representation of southern pride
  3. Additionally, Jones was criticized for not even knowing the history of the racist flag he is flying

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo: FOX19 NOW)


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