Woman's Insane Viral Thread About Having A Surprise Birth In A Hotel Is The Cutest WTF Moment Ever

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Woman's Insane Viral Thread About Having A Surprise Birth In A Hotel Is The Cutest WTF Moment Ever

Tia Freeman didn't know she was pregnant and used YouTube to help deliver her baby alone abroad.

Published April 26, 2018

A Virginia woman's viral thread about unexpectedly going into labor while in her Turkish hotel room may have won the award for greatest baby delivery story of all time. 

In January, 22-year-old Tia Freeman, who is a member of the Air Force, found out she was pregnant when she was already in her third trimester. Freeman was in denial about the news and didn't want it to stop her from going on a planned trip to Germany. 

  1. During her flight, Freeman began to go into labor and she shared the entire story in an epic twitter thread
  2. Not knowing what to expect, Freeman sought birth instructions from YouTube
  3. Freeman never lost her cool and took the necessary steps to deliver her baby on her own
  4. After learning she had a boy, Freeman prepped to deliver the placenta
  5. After using her knife to cut the umbilical cord, Freeman cleaned up the bathroom
  6. Eventually, Freeman had to go back to the airport, where she was subjected to some serious questioning
  7. Once word of her story got out, Turkish reporters found Freeman to document the historic moment
  8. Afterwards, Freeman and her new baby boy were transported to the US Consulate to get official documents
  9. She was also taken to the hospital for an official checkup and was fully pampered by Turkish Airlines
  10. Freeman also shared beautiful pictures of baby Xavier
  11. People who read Freeman's thread seemed to go through as many emotions as she did when she gave birth

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo: Michelle Gibson/Getty Images)


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