Ex Says Former NY Attorney General Called Her 'Brown Slave' And Made Her Call Him 'Master' During Sex

Ex Says Former NY Attorney General Called Her 'Brown Slave' And Made Her Call Him 'Master' During Sex

Sri Lankan activist Tanya Selvaratnam said Eric Schneiderman's role-playing was abusive.

Published May 8, 2018

The ex-girlfriend of State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, who resigned amid allegations of physical abuse on Monday, detailed how used racist master/slave role playing in the bedroom.

Tanya Selvaratnam, who is from Sri Lanka and is a Harvard grad and writer, said while she dated Schneiderman, he would call her his “brown slave” and would instruct her to call him “master,” reported The New Yorker.

In a detailed expose, Selvaratnam said her relationship with Schneiderman “was a fairytale that became a nightmare.”

“Sometimes, he’d tell me to call him master, and he’d slap me until I did,” Selvaratnam told reporter Ronan Farrow.

Selvaratnam also alleged the former state attorney would become violent during sex.

“He started calling me his ‘brown slave’ and demanding that I repeat that I was ‘his property.’”

Selvaratnam told The New Yorker, “The slaps started after we’d gotten to know each other.”

“It was at first as if he were testing me. Then it got stronger and harder. It wasn’t consensual. This wasn’t sexual playacting. This was abusive, demeaning, threatening behavior,” she added.

Selvaratnam allegedly faced physical punishments when she refused to comply with his sexual desires.

“He was obsessed with having a threesome and said it was my job to find a woman,” Selvaratnam said. “He said he’d have nothing to look forward to if I didn’t, and would hit me until I agreed.”

Quickly, Selvaratnam realized her sex life with Schneiderman did not exist without unwanted slapping, spitting and choking.

“He was cutting off my ability to breathe,” she said. “We could rarely have sex without him beating me.”

After enduring the alleged abuse from Schneiderman, Selvaratnam, with help from a friend, found the strength to leave the relationship.

Three hours after The New Yorker published the allegations against Schneiderman, he resigned. In a statement, the former NY State Attorney General said: “In the privacy of intimate relationships, I have engaged in role-playing and other consensual sexual activity. I have not assaulted anyone. I have never engaged in nonconsensual sex, which is a line I would not cross.”

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photos from left: Drew Angerer/Getty Images, Paul Zimmerman/WireImage/Getty Images)


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