Black Waiters Surprise Lonely White Mom For Mother’s Day And Spark Debate on Race and Compassion

Black Waiters Surprise Lonely White Mom For Mother’s Day And Spark Debate on Race and Compassion

After a string of stories where white people called 911 on Black people for living, some asked if white restaurant employees would be as kind.

Published May 14, 2018

While mothers around the country were spending time with family for Mother’s Day, one South Carolina mom found herself dining alone on the celebratory day. However, her gloomy day was quickly turned around by restaurant employees who made her feel like a queen.

On Sunday, Barbara Foy didn’t get a call from her son, who she says hasn’t called her for a long time. Foy, who was feeling down, decided to treat herself to a solo lunch at a nearby Ruby Tuesday, reported WMBF.

As Foy was eating by herself, the staff noticed she was alone on Mother’s Day and decided to celebrate her. Several employees pitched in to make her a gift basket of nice things. They also comped her lunch, and a customer bought her a rose.

“I really felt like I was queen for a day…mother for a day!” Foy told WMBF. “I’ve never been made to feel so special.”

General manager Lauren Nave said Foy’s story touched the entire staff.

“I think we were all almost in tears by the end of the story,” Nave told WMBF. “We wanted to make sure that she knew how special she was on Mother’s Day.”

While many people were overjoyed by the action's taken by the staff, some questioned if the outcome would be the same if it were a Black mother with white employees.

"If that was a black woman and white staff, they would have had the police there dragging her out," wrote on person on Instagram.

Many people agreed that although Black people face much discrimination, we are still a compassionate people. 

"They didn’t have to do that, but as black women, we are nurturers to our core!!! Not angry black women!!! Go yalll!!! Saw she wasn’t feeling hot and made her feel like the best mom in the world!!! That’s what we do!!!" wrote another Instagram commenter. 

Written by BET Staff

(Photo: Emmaduckworth/Getty Images)


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