Ten Children Rescued From Feces Covered Home Where Their Parents Beat, Burned, And Tortured Them

Ten Children Rescued From Feces Covered Home Where Their Parents Beat, Burned, And Tortured Them

Police said the family lived in "horrible living conditions" and the abuse on the children was "sadistic."

Published May 15, 2018

A California couple has been arrested for torturing their 10 children, who were forced to live in a “horrible,” unkempt, feces covered home.

Solano County Chief Deputy District Attorney Sharon Henry said she was "horrified" by the children's reports of "torture" carried out "for sadistic purposes." According to police, the torture dates back to at least 2014, reported NBC News.

The children, who range in age from 4 months to 12-years-old, were burned, bruised, punctured, and shot with a pellet gun, Fairfield Police Lt. Greg Hurlbut said in a press conference on Monday.

Police interviewed the children over the last six weeks and discovered they endured "a long and continuous history of severe physical and emotional abuse."

Subsequently, Ina Rogers and Jonathan Allen (pictured above), the children’s parents, were arrested on charged of child neglect, torture, and child abuse.

On Monday, Allen, 29, was arraigned on seven felony torture charges and nine counts of felony child abuse, according to court records. He's being held at Solano County jail on a $5.2 million bond and has pleaded not guilty.

Rogers, 30, was charged with child neglect but was released last month after posting bail. The mother has denied the accusation and said she found the charged "appalling." In her own defense, Rogers argued "not one of my kids even has a cavity."

"My husband is an amazing person. I am an amazing mother," she told reporters from her doorstep Monday. "I am not going to stop fighting."

Police were first made aware of the squalid home after receiving a March 31 report of a missing 12-year-old boy. Once authorities located the child and brought him home, they searched the residence and found nine other children living in horrible conditions.

According to police records, the floors of the home were covered with rotten food, feces, and other objects making some areas impassable. A video taken from inside the house shows filthy home.

Rogers also fought the description of the home by saying the children all lived in one room because they wanted to and the home was disheveled from when she ransacked the home looking for her then-missing son.

"Fear set in ... that my son was missing," she told reporters, according to CBS News. "So I ripped up my whole house ... tore everything out of the closet, lifted up the beds."

Roberts said that eight of her ten children were fathered by Allen, while the other two were from a previous relationship. Rogers told reporters that she also has a 14-year-old who does not currently live with her.

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo: Fairfield Police Department)


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