More Videos Surface of Racist Trump Voting White Lawyer Verbally Attacking Jews and ‘Foreigners’

Lawyer Aaron Schlossberg, center, the man who ranted against the people speaking Spanish in a Midtown restaurant, takes a cellphone video of reporters taking his video as he leaves his home in Manhattan, New York on Thursday, May 17, 2018. (Photo by Anthony DelMundo/NY Daily News via Getty Images)

More Videos Surface of Racist Trump Voting White Lawyer Verbally Attacking Jews and ‘Foreigners’

Aaron Schlossberg was filmed at a protest with alt-right leaders.

Published May 17, 2018

After video of a white NYC lawyer berating employees of a restaurant for speaking Spanish went viral, other videos of his past bigoted behavior emerged.

A Plus writer Isaac Saul had a previous run in with the man, identified by people on social media as midtown attorney Aaron Schlossberg. In May 2017, Saul was covering a rally protesting Linda Sarsour, a co-chair of the 2017 Women's March who has been a vocal advocate for the rights of American Muslims.

When Sarsour was expected to deliver a commencement speech at City University of New York's Graduate School of Public Health and Health Policy, protesters including alt-right provocateurs Milo Yiannopoulos and Pamela Geller showed up to protest.

  1. Among the far-right protesters was Aaron Schlossberg

    While Geller and Yiannopoulos delivered speeches, Trump supporters yelled at Haredi Jews, who were there on the behalf of Neturei Karta International and in support of Palestine.

    In the video, Schlossberg, who claims to be Jewish, can be heard verbally attacking Rabbi Dovid Feldman, who came to support Sarsour. Schlossberg can be heard calling the rabbi a "fake Jew," and at one point gives him the middle finger.

    “You are not a Jew!” Schlossberg yelled at Jews supporting Palestine. He also started cheering, “Milo! Milo! Milo!” in reference to alt-right leader Milo Yiannopoulos.

  2. In 2016, Schlossberg was filmed calling a white man an "ugly f***ing foreigner" on a NYC sidewalk
  3. The man he assaulted turned out to be YouTuber Willie Morris, who posted a video about the incident when it happened

    As a result of his behavior, Schlossberg's Yelp page for his law firm has been bombarded by 1-star reviews. 

    The front desk at Schlossberg's office building was turning away all visitors on Wednesday.


Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo: Anthony DelMundo/NY Daily News via Getty Images)


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