Insane Story Of A White Woman Becoming Violent When A Black Woman Wouldn't Let Her Pet Her Dog

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Insane Story Of A White Woman Becoming Violent When A Black Woman Wouldn't Let Her Pet Her Dog

The suspect screamed, "I have a connection with the animal!" when she was denied.

Published May 18, 2018

White people may know not to touch a Black woman's hair without permission, but apparently they were never told not to touch a Black woman's dog.

According to The Root, an unidentified white woman was filmed getting arrested when she became violent towards a Black woman who denied her access to the dog.

The video has since been deleted by the Black woman who says she started getting racist messages as a result. 

However, she did sent the following description of the event to Damon Young at Very Smart Brothas:

"I was going to a bar in Adams Morgan to pick my boyfriend up from work. I do this often and I always bring my dog. She’s not the first white person to try to do this. Most people walk away when they get denied though. She reached her hand into my car, reaching over my boyfriend who was trying to block access. I rolled the window up. She’s still at my car trying to tell me to let her interact with my dog. She said, and I quote, 'I have a connection with the animal!' I got out of my car and told her to keep it moving. She refused, getting more belligerent and irate. She then says you wanna fight and throws her bag at my car. At this point the police intervene because they’ve been observing from across the street the whole time. There’s usually police posted up in this area so she really should have known better. They were just going to detain her but her own actions got her hemmed up," the woman wrote. 

Although there is no visual of the arrest, some people claimed the woman was resisting arrest but still treated like a delicate flower. 

Long story short, Black people can get violently arrested or killed for living their life while white people get slaps on the wrist for actually refusing to comply with an officer. 

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo: Kiszon Pascal/Getty Images)


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