Script Gets Flipped On White Lady Caught On Video Harassing A Mexican Man Trying To Do His Job

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Script Gets Flipped On White Lady Caught On Video Harassing A Mexican Man Trying To Do His Job

After the video went viral, Black Twitter did its thing and identified the woman.

Published May 22, 2018

If white people have not learned the power of Black Twitter from the woman who called the cops on Black people for grilling or the lawyer who threatened to call ICE on Spanish-speaking workers, then maybe the story of a white woman who accused a Mexican man of having a gun will be the end of all necessary lessons.

James Ochoa, a Mexican-American who lives in Las Vegas, posted a video to Facebook of a white woman screaming “gun!” while he was at work. While Ochoa was working at a home, he had to use the bathroom, which is when he had a run-in with the woman, according to his Facebook post.

“I had went to go to a portable restroom & I found some but they were occupied,” Ochoa explained in a Facebook post. “So I made a u turn on this lady’s street to go find other ones.”

While driving down the street, Ochoa saw the woman’s dogs.

  1. When Ochoa tried to stop and let the dogs pass, all hell broke loose

    “I said nothing at all to her & she yelled saying ‘get off my street’ I said ‘what did I do ma’am’ & she continued to argue & call me names. So I had some words back, then I eventually drive off & just go back to work which is only a block away. She pulls up talking shit then she drives up the street & turns around rolls down her window & points a gun at me.

    I didn’t know what to do, so eventually the project manager seen everything going down so he asked me to leave & meet at his office. So I did we called the cops, she admitted to pulling the gun out & the cops took all her weapons from her home. So now we have a court date, I am fighting against her cause I had to leave work for 2 days & it’s not right what she did," Ochoa wrote. 

    In the video, the woman screams, “Help! Gun! Gun!” as Ochoa drives away.

  2. Eventually, Black Twitter identified the woman as Summer Berlinger, who actually wound up snitching on herself
  3. Soon enough, all of Summer's details were posted to Twitter

    In short, for any white person thinking of making up a story about a person of color, just remember that the devil works, but Black Twitter works harder. 

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo: Amazingmikael/Getty Images)


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