Wife Of Man Who Impregnated Their Teenage Daughter Says He 'Deserves The Death Penalty'

Wife Of Man Who Impregnated Their Teenage Daughter Says He 'Deserves The Death Penalty'

Shannon St. Andre detailed the chilling moment she discovered the incestual abuse.

Published May 25, 2018

After learning that her husband fathered the child of her teenage daughter, Shannon St. Andre is breaking her silence.

In an exclusive interview with DailyMailTV, Shannon, 37, detailed how her daughter was in a lesbian relationship for two years when she revealed she was pregnant. When Shannon questioned her daughter, who wishes to remain anonymous, she was told the pregnancy was the result of a one-night stand.

However, when the 18-year-old told Shannon the name of the person who supposedly fathered the child, Shannon learned, through extensive investigation, this man did not exist.

Nine months later, Shannon met her newborn grandson and realized his blue eyes were too familiar.

When Shannon first took her suspicion about her husband Greg St. Andre, 37, to the police, she was “laughed out of the police department,” said the mother of four.

It was not until Shannon used her iPhone to secretly record Greg, making a partial “confession” that the police intervened.

Greg, who is currently in jail awaiting trial for his charges for incest, told police he gave his daughter a cup of semen to help her conceive.

Now, Shannon is disgusted by the person she fell in love with.

“He's a very disgusting person,” Shannon told DailyMailTV. “I don't even want to call him a man - a man doesn't do these things. A father doesn't do these things”

Shannon went on to explain how she feels Greg should be punished.

“I feel that sitting in jail isn't punishment enough to be truthfully honest. On some level I wish Michigan had the death penalty back because that's exactly what he deserves,” she told DailyMailTV.

Greg was charged with two counts of criminal sexual contact with someone related by blood in April 2016. Each felony is punishable by up to 15 years in prison.  He remains in custody until his pretrial on June 26 at the Macomb County Circuit Court.

Written by BET Staff


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