Calls To Boycott Waffle House After Video of Black Couple’s Disgusting Arrest Over Juice

Calls To Boycott Waffle House After Video of Black Couple’s Disgusting Arrest Over Juice

Donald Copeland and Ms. Hart​ had not even received their food, but the employee wanted them charged with theft. ​

Published June 14, 2018

New calls to boycott Waffle House have surfaced after footage of a Black couple in Florida getting arrested while being threatened with a stun gun went viral.

In yet another troubling incident involving the unjust arrest of Black patrons of the 24-hour eatery, the couple was arrested after disagreeing with a $1.50 charge on their bill, according to

Donald Copeland and Ms. Hart placed a to-go order at the Waffle House in Fort Walton Beach, Fla., around 1 a.m on May 2.

While their food had not yet arrived, the couple was served a glass of orange juice, which ultimately led to the police-involved dispute.

When the couple received their bill, they noticed they were charged $2.50 for the juice, but the menu listed the price of the orange juice at $1. Copeland and Hart argued over the charge with an employee and refused to pay the additional $1.50.

Eventually, the couple tried to call a corporate 1-800 number to dispute the charge, but Waffle House employees called the police and claimed Copeland was "being irate screaming and cussing," according to the police report.

  1. An employee later told police that the $1 price is charged only after another beverage is purchased, and the couple only ordered a glass of water, which did not count as another drink.

    The employee also said he wanted to press charges against the couple if they did not pay the full price and accused them of theft, even though their food had not been served yet.

    The couple then went outside, where their interaction with police escalated to a threatening level.

    During the 30-minute conversation with police, one officer told Copeland: "If you don't pay your bill you're going to jail."

    Then, the same officer who asked the Waffle House employees if they wanted to press charges, took out a pair of handcuffs and began pointing a stun gun at Copeland. Copeland was handcuffed and put in the back seat of a patrol car.

    Shortly after, Hart was handcuffed and immediately started crying.

  2. "I didn't do nothing wrong," Hart sobbed.

    "We didn't get no food or nothing in front of us. We didn't get nothing from them, nothing at all. We haven't been served at all. We haven't been served so how is it theft. We asked her to explain the bill to us, she gave us no food or nothing and called you guys,” Hart told police after being accused of theft.

    In the end, Copeland and Hart paid for the meal and were released without criminal charges. 

  3. Although the couple wasn’t charged, people still demanded for a national boycott of Waffle House

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo: Fort Walton Police)


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