Woman Whose Butt Grew Up Her Back After Tumor Removal Says It Ruined Her Sex Life

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Woman Whose Butt Grew Up Her Back After Tumor Removal Says It Ruined Her Sex Life

Sharon hopes plastic surgeons can fix her defect and make her feel normal.

Published June 14, 2018

A woman who has dealt with the insecurities that come from a body deformity is finally getting the opportunity to turn her life around.

Sharon detailed her journey in a recent episode of “Botched.” In a clip post to E!, Sharon explains how her buttocks began growing up her back after she had surgery to remove tumor.

"I was born with a tumor on my lower back," Sharon tells producers of the plastic surgery reality show. "Doctors then explained that I had spina bifida. They removed the tumor and, as a result of the surgery, my backside started to grow up."

At a young age, Sharon began noticing that her butt was vastly different than her older sister's. She began wearing baggy clothing to hide the abnormality.

"It just made me feel like I didn't fit in," Sharon told the show. "I'm from the south, I like to sell that big butt look."

The patient went on to explain how she would constantly turn down invitations to pool parties out of fear.

"It's a fear of mine for people to think I'm different," Sharon added. "I don't want to be teased or talked about. Or the butt of anyone's joke."

In a moment of painful honesty, Sharon detailed how the growth has ruined her sex life and mae intimacy extremely uncomfortable.

“Being intimate has been difficult,” she said. “I had certain positions I would lay in and I wouldn't let them touch me a certain type of way.”

Sharon felt that no one would be able to accept her.

"I don't want to look this way…so why should somebody want to be with somebody who looks this way?"

After years of feeling demoralized and self-conscious about the appearance of her buttocks, Sharon is finally ready to have surgery.

"I am so sick and tired of it," Sharon concluded. "I'm ready to get it out of my life."

Written by BET Staff

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