Protect Your Edges While Watching Angela Rye Gather A Republican Who Questioned Her Intelligence

Protect Your Edges While Watching Angela Rye Gather A Republican Who Questioned Her Intelligence

Our favorite cousin went off when Scott Jennings condescendingly asked: "Can you count?"

Published June 21, 2018

Angela Rye is the cousin we all wish we had growing up, the type of fearless and intelligent leader who isn't afraid to let a man know he chose the wrong one. During Monday night's CNN broadcast with Don Lemon, cousin Angela proved why she's our favorite when she went from zero to a hundred on a conservative commentator who ignorantly made light of the crisis at the border. 

During the panel, Rye went off Scott Jennings for not only attempting to blame Democrats for the thousands of children who were ripped from their parents' arms, but he also mansplained the Senate voting process. 

  1. Rye posted a clip from the encounter to her Instagram

    “I hate to explain rudimentary procedure to you,” Jennings rudely said to Rye. 

    “I’m going to tell you what,” Rye abruptly said. “You don’t ever have to explain anything rudimentary to me. Let me be very clear: what I’m telling you is you should know that they have more than enough votes to do what they need to do.”

    “Can you count to 60? We have 51. Come on,” he said as he condescendingly suggested Democrats are to blame for the problems at the border. 

    “No, you come on. You better watch it, Scott, seriously,” she snapped back. “What I’m trying to tell you is that you have a majority… Here’s what you’re battling with, morals, moral authority. Where is the moral authority of this party that has blindly endorsed all of Trump’s bigotry, xenophobia, racism? That is what is behind this policy. The reality we are all facing now is there are children paying the penalty for no reason when their parents are coming here seeking asylum.”

    "Your attorney general doesn’t know any better because they haven’t asked the questions," she added.

    As Don Lemon began to cut in and wrap up the segment, Rye had the final word.  

    “They have not taken a single moment to find out why these people are risking their lives to come to this soil where they’re put in harm’s way. So, how’s that for counting?” Rye closed.

  2. People watching the moment live were ready to take off their shoes, tie up their hair, and come defend Rye
  3. The viral moment reminded everyone why Angela Rye will always be the queen of intellectually gathering someone without breaking a sweat

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo: CNN)


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