UPenn Grad Confesses To Shooting Ex-Boyfriend In The Head During Fight Over Having A Baby

UPenn Grad Confesses To Shooting Ex-Boyfriend In The Head During Fight Over Having A Baby

After the killing, Martina Westcott was caught on video calmly walking home.

Published June 21, 2018

A University of Pennsylvania graduate and city health worker pleaded guilty on Monday to shooting her estranged boyfriend in the head over an argument about whether or not to have a baby.

In December 2016, emergency responders found a wrecked Ford Expedition SUV with a man inside. At first, they assumed the man died from the accident, yet upon inspection, they realized Terrell Bruce, 33, died from a gunshot wound to the head, CBS Philadelphia reported.

Just 24-hours after the crash, Martina Westcott, 28, turned herself into police, ABC 6 reported.

Westcott told police she was in the passenger seat and Bruce was driving the car when they began “arguing about their relationship,” specifically whether to have a baby, Det. Gregory Singleton told the Philly Voice.

Westcott, “she didn’t want to” have a child with Bruce, which resulted in him allegedly raising his voice at her. This frightened Westcott enough for her to pick up a gun that was on the floor and point it at Bruce.

Seconds later, Bruce was gushing blood and she fled the scene.

Just moments after the killing, Westcott was seen on CCTV footage casually walking home.

Westcott told police that she didn’t believe Bruce was dead because she always thought he’s invincible,” according to Singleton, Philly Voice reported.

However, she later admitted to killing Bruce and pleaded guilty to third-degree murder, among other charges, Philly.com reported.

“No, I didn’t mean to shoot him,” she told a judge in court, Philly.com reported.

Bruce’s sister, Natalye Kirkland, told ABC 6 her brother “did nothing wrong.”

“She took someone who was great from this world,” Kirkland told ABC 6.

Westcott faces up to 57 years behind bars when she's sentenced in August.

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