Bahama Breeze Manager Fired After Calling Cops To Make Sure Black Sorority Sisters Paid Their Bill

Bahama Breeze Manager Fired After Calling Cops To Make Sure Black Sorority Sisters Paid Their Bill

One attendee said four women were forced to show a receipt just to exit the restaurant.

Published June 26, 2018

A manager for a Bahama Breeze restaurant in Ohio was fired after calling police on a group of Black sorority members to make sure they paid their bill.

On June 19, about 40 members of the iconic Delta Sigma Theta Sorority were gathering to celebrate their sister Danielle Nelson (pictured above) and the release of her book “In Love There’s War.” Nelson chose the restaurant specifically because she loved the food, reported FOX8.

However, during the event, a manager called police and accused the women of being “worked up about the bill.” The manager also claimed the women were trying to skip out on the check, reported WKYC-TV.

The Delta women say the manager’s account is not true and they were subjected to poor service and racial profiling. According to the women, the situation escalated when several of them were trying to leave while others were still waiting on their orders, reported FOX8.

This is when the restaurant manager called the Orange Village Police Department. When the officers arrived, several of the women had to show their receipts and prove they paid before leaving.

Chante Spencer, who was present during the incident, said the manager falsely accused them of trying to leave without paying.

“The police report was definitely incorrect. Everybody was joyous. Everybody was happy supporting our friend,” Chante Spencer told FOX8.

After the ordeal, Nelson was saddened that an evening meant to celebrate her accomplishment was stained by racial discrimination.

 “I was shocked. I had no words. I was insulted. I was embarrassed,” Nelson told FOX8. “It was very hurtful. I cried in the car. Couldn’t even make it home.”

After the incident, Bahama Breeze issued an apology via Twitter.

Ohio Congresswoman Marcia Fudge released a statement saying this was a clear case of racial profiling.

“It is a chilling reminder that no African American is exempt from the impact of racial profiling when a group of professional women, known for their service and advocacy are victims," she said in a press release to WKYC-TV. "As an African American woman and a member of Delta Sigma Theta, I am appalled that this occurred in the district I represent, and will not be silent."

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo: FOX8 Cleveland)


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