Black Dad Says After Reporting His 5-Year-Old Son’s Sexual Assault By A Teacher Cops Did Nothing

Black Dad Says After Reporting His 5-Year-Old Son’s Sexual Assault By A Teacher Cops Did Nothing

Jamie Tucker launched a GoFundMe for therapy and legal assistance for young Jaidyn.

Published June 29, 2018

A New York single father has detailed the devastating moment his 5-year-old son told him he was sexually assaulted by a teacher at school. In the aftermath of the allegation, the father has learned how difficult it is to ensure victims of sexual assault are served justice.

In a lengthy GoFundMe post, Jamie Tucker explained how his son Jaidyn, who attends P.S. 57, told home the news.

“On June 6th my son woke up screaming from a nightmare, I ran to the room where my son was sleeping at 3:30 in the morning and asked him what is wrong,” Tucker wrote. “Crying profusely, he told me that his butt hurts, I looked at his butt and I thought that there may have been something abnormal. I then asked my son what happened he said ‘am I in trouble daddy,’  I said no what is wrong, what happened did someone touch you?  He said ‘yes, Mr. Robert.’ Mr. Robert is someone who works in the after school department through YMCA.”

Tucker went on to detail how his son alleged Mr. Robert inserted “his finger in [Jaidyn’s] rectum” and showed the child his penis.

Tucker immediately took his son to Metropolitan Hospital, where he was told they cannot perform a rape kit because the abuse did not occur in the last 24-48 hours. Tucker told officers in the SVU unit of the NYPD that his son claimed the abuse happened months ago and he has been afraid to come forward because he was told he’d be in trouble if he did.

Once Tucker was told about the alleged abuse, he told the school; however, he was disappointed in the minimal action they took.

“They removed him from the school. They did not notify any other parents that this incident took place and that their children might have fallen victim to this man,” Tucker wrote. “I spoke with the school principal and vice principal who informed me that the school is doing their investigation...I just find it hard to do an investigation when you do not notify other parents of the incident.”

In the post, Tucker also alleged a female teacher once saw Jaidyn being abused and told Mr. Robert to “get off of him.” When Tucker posted this part of the story to Facebook, another parent said the teacher who allegedly witnessed the abuse was once accused of slapping a student.

Right now, Tucker is furious and frustrated more action is not being taken by the school and police. In an update, he said calls to the detectives and ADA on the case have not been returned. He set up the GoFundMe to ensure Jaidyn has funds for any future legal matters and therapy needed to process his trauma.

Tucker has also began bonding with other parents whose kids experienced abuse in the New York Public School System.

“I did not know this was so rampant in the New York Public School System and they have a practice of sweeping it under the rug,” he wrote in an update. “We have to come together as parents and put a stop to this it is only happening in certain communities and this is not right.”

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo: Blend Images - KidStock/Getty Images)


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