A White Pool Manager Called The Cops On A Black Couple Because The Boyfriend Was Wearing Socks

A White Pool Manager Called The Cops On A Black Couple Because The Boyfriend Was Wearing Socks

Community manager Erica Walker wanted the couple kicked out because the socks were not "proper pool attire."

Published July 7, 2018

Step aside #PoolPatrolPaul, someone else is trying to outdo your racism and is pretty much succeeding.

  1. #PoolPatrolPatty is stepping up the hate and recently called the police on a couple she wanted out of her pool because the boyfriend of the pair was wearing socks.

    That’s right, folks. These calls to the po-po are becoming more petty by the day. Apparently, during the 4th of July holiday Kam Porter, a resident of the Riverset Apartments in Memphis, Tennessee thought her and her mate could enjoy some relaxation at their complex’s pool. Reasonable right?

  2. Nah, not to #PPP (real name Erica Walker), who didn’t like that Porter’s man was wearing socks. In video posted to Facebook, the community manager at Riverset was confronted by Walker over the rules of the pool. It seems that only Black people are the target of the “no socks” rule.

  3. “I think she’s calling the police because he has on socks,” Porter said. “She’s walking off making a phone call to whoever she needs to call. I haven’t said anything crazy to her, but I did tell her I was not going to leave.

    “So, she basically said no hats, no shirts, no socks,” Porter continued. “We have two men, who are her friends, sitting right here in hats. Two hats. We have a man over here sitting in a hat.”

    Plot twist: The officer who showed up was Black and it seemed that Walker didn’t have much to say.

    Luckily, like the result of most of these viral videos, consequences came to light. According to WREG13, Porter complained to the complex’s management company, and after an investigation, Trilogy Real Estate Group said Walker acted inappropriately and was subsequently fired.

    “After assessing statements from Ms. Porter and determining that this former employee’s actions violate our company’s policies & beliefs, she is no longer employed by Riverset Apartments,” the company said in a statement.

    Seriously, just mind your own business people. It’s not that difficult. In fact, it requires you to do literally nothing! Take heed to this advice.

Written by Paul Meara

Photo: Antonio Krmer / EyeEm


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