Day Care Says Badly Bruised 8-Month-Old With Hair Scraped Off Was Just Bitten By A Mosquito

A Mosquito Close Up on Skin Biting.

Day Care Says Badly Bruised 8-Month-Old With Hair Scraped Off Was Just Bitten By A Mosquito

Police are now investigating if baby Judale Malone was abused.

Published July 10, 2018

Police in Milwaukee are investigating a possible case of child abuse at a day care after a baby’s mother found severe bruising on her son, and the day care staff said it was just a mosquito bite.

On July 6, Rahzeena Hamilton got a call from Harvest Learning Center day care soon after she dropped off her 8-month-old son, Judale Malone, reported Fox6Now.

"She's like 'Yes, Ms. Hamilton, can you come get Judale? He got bit by a mosquito bite. We think he has an allergic reaction,'" Hamilton told Fox6Now.

Over the phone, employees told Hamilton her son had an allergic reaction to a mosquito bite, but when she arrived, his wounds told a completely different story.

"His head is swollen and some of his hair got scraped off, he has bruising in the ear," said Hamilton. "He has bite marks on his arm and has some scratches on his chest.”

Hamilton immediately took her son to two different hospitals where doctors performed tests and a CT scan.

"They said this is not a mosquito bite, they didn't even find a mosquito bite on him," Hamilton told the local news station.

Now, Milwaukee police have opened an investigation into possible child abuse at the day care. The day care's owner has chosen not to comment until the police investigation is complete.

Hamilton’s priority is to find out exactly what happened to her sweet child.

"I just love him," said Hamilton looking at her son. "What would mommy do without you?"

Hamilton says doctors told her that Judale luckily does not have any serious brain injuries or bleeding. Right now, she's just keeping a close eye on his scrapes and bruises.

Records show the day care has had 16 health and safety violations in the last three years, including tripping hazards and low room temperatures.

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo: Stefan Malloch/Getty Images)


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