Video Of Police Officers Praying With 9-Year-Old Before His Brain Tumor Surgery Goes Viral

Video Of Police Officers Praying With 9-Year-Old Before His Brain Tumor Surgery Goes Viral

Jalen Manns was gifted stuffed K9 guard dogs to help him through the tough procedure.

Published July 17, 2018

In May, 9-year-old Jalen Manns, of Georgia, was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Last Friday, he underwent a major surgery to remove the mass; however, before he went under the knife, he received a special visit from local police officers, who prayed for his recovery.

On Friday, officers with the Warner Robins Police Department arrived at Jalen's home before he left for the hospital. One officer, along with his K9, knelt down and emotionally prayed for the child, reported CBS News.

"Lord heavenly father, we just come to you now, Lord God, asking for your words of encouragement and strength today," the officer tearfully said.

Jalen’s mother, Hannah Manns, told CBS News her son has a giant collection of stuffed German Shepherds, his favorite dog. 

"We created the Team Jalen Facebook page... just to see what I could do as a mom to comfort him, because Jalen has really bad anxiety," Manns told CBS. She said Jalen calls the stuffed animals his “guard dogs.”

After she posted on the Facebook page that German Shepherds were Jalen's favorite animal, people began sending stuffed animals directly to Jalen. The post was also seen by the Warner Robins Police Department, who decided they wanted to bring Jalen’s favorite animal right to his door.

"Five or six officers came this morning and got there at 6 a.m. They knocked on the door and said we're looking for Jalen," Manns told. "He shook their hand and they gave him some gifts. They took him outside and he explained to them he wanted to meet all their dogs."

After Jalen met each dog and the officers prayed for him, the cops escorted Jalen and his mom to Navicent Health in Macon for his biopsy.

"They walked him around the hospital to get him settled," Manns said. "He didn't want [the officers] to leave... I told him they have to protect our city and our homes and where we live.”

Manns said the tumor has been causing psychological and sensory issues for Jalen, including anxiousness. However, when Jalen was with the officers, he was calm.

"They all wanted to follow up with him," Manns told CBS. "They said they want to redo everything again after the procedure is over.”

Manns also set up a GoFundMe page to help raise money for her son's surgery, and it has reached nearly half of its $8,000 goal.

Jalen's surgery began around noon on Friday and was scheduled last about six to eight hours. From there, he went straight to the pediatric intensive care unit.

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo: WMAZ)


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