Bizarre Details ​​In Case Of Paraplegic Man Arrested For Zip Tying Stripper Who Refused Him Sex

Bizarre Details ​​In Case Of Paraplegic Man Arrested For Zip Tying Stripper Who Refused Him Sex

The dancer was able to eventually escape and call police.

Published July 18, 2018

A Georgia paraplegic man was arrested after a stripper accused him of forcing her to zip tie her feet together and shooting her with a Taser after she refused to have sex with him.

31-year-old Johnnie Thompson booked the exotic dancer to come to his home for a party on July 10. However, when the woman arrived at his home, there was no one else there for a party, just Thompson, according to DeKalb County Police spokesperson Shiera Campbell.

Shortly after the woman’s arrival, Thompson allegedly pulled out a Taser and a handgun before forcing the dancer into the bedroom, reported WSB-TV

According to police, room was set up with several video cameras and computers. Thompson forced the woman to undress and zip tie her own feet. He demanded they have sex and when she refused, he shot her with a Taser.

“He fired at her, not once, but twice, in her chest,” DeKalb County Police Det. Chris Tappan told WSB-TV. “She started to struggle with her captor. He pulled out a handgun and fired two shots at her.”

Eventually the woman pushed Thompson out the door of the bedroom and cut herself free. She then escaped through a window and then fled on foot, police said.

"She was able to call police and run away," Campbell said. "She was running down the street partially clothed."

When police found her, she still had two barbs from the stun gun in her chest.

Police then went to Thompson's house, which he shares with his parents. During questioning, Thompson told police the dancer "went crazy” and he stunned her in self-defense, according to WSB-TV.

Thompson was arrested and charged with false imprisonment and aggravated assault.

Campbell said that Thomson was involved in another violent incident with another stripper in April but the dancer eventually declined to press charges.

When police searched Thomson's house they found a machete and more zip ties. There may be more victims who come forward, police said.

Thompson was booked into the DeKalb County jail and later released.

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo: DeKalb County Sheriff's Office)


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