'Triggerish?' People Are Dragging The White Girl Who Texted The N-Word To Her Future Black Roommate

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'Triggerish?' People Are Dragging The White Girl Who Texted The N-Word To Her Future Black Roommate

No one's buying her sloppy attempt at trying to save face.

Published July 23, 2018

Previously, we brought you the story about Triggerish Tammy, aka, the white girl who made up a word to try to defend her use of the N-word in a text to who was supposed to be her future roommate.

  1. That roommate is black and apparently not cool with the explanation. You see, Tammy, real name Courtney Schaefer, is a student at Georgia Southern University and was texting her then soon to be roommate, but forgot to separate the conversations she was having with, presumably, another white girl or guy.

    Here’s the convo…

  2. You’ll notice she says, “Her insta looks pretty normal, not too n*****ish.” Yeah, and then her explanation below that: “I meant to say triggerish, meaning like, you seemed really cool nothing that triggered a red flag! I'm so embarrassed I apologize.”

    Lots of people have offered up responses since the texts were made public including the victim’s friend and the school’s interim president. No one was more ruthless than social media though.

  3. Twitter wasn't buying it
  4. others had fun with it
  5. Laughter is one way to try to cope with the pain of racism. Apparently, no dicipline has yet been handed down to Schaefer, so social media shaming will have to do for the time being.

    "Autocorrect." SMH. Facepalm.

Written by Paul Meara

Photo: Robert Alexander/Getty Images


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