Trump Supporters Are The Perfect Example Of Why You Don’t Wanna Be A ‘Ride Or Die Bitch’

U.S. president Donald Trump greets supporters during a campaign rally at Four Seasons Arena on July 5, 2018 in Great Falls, Montana. President Trump held a campaign style 'Make America Great Again' rally in Great Falls, Montana with thousands in attendance.

Trump Supporters Are The Perfect Example Of Why You Don’t Wanna Be A ‘Ride Or Die Bitch’

Becky, are you riding?

Published July 23, 2018

The top deadliest gangs in the world are the Bloods, the Crips, MS13, and Trump’s supporters. No shade, but I know less loyal German Shepherds than Trump’s band of racist “Stans.” What’s equally frightening and entertaining is to watch Trump supporters rationalize his hypocrisy, petty tweets, and obnoxious displays of narcissism... yet unable to accept "swimming while Black." I never thought I’d say this, but Trump is the OJ Simpson of white supremacy.


    Trump has contradicted almost everything he said he would do in office starting with “restraining tweeting” and less golfing, but God forbid you debate this with one of his supporters they will come up with a million and one ways to defend his deadbeat daddy broken promises. I’ve even gotten into an argument with a Trump supporter once (who was from a quaint little town in the heart of Indiana, where the largest of her problems were the local foxes eating chipmunks) over her belief that Barack Obama divided our nation. Yeah, well see when your country was built on the backs of slaves, considered people of color as “property,” and continually ONLY elected WHITE MEN for decades on end, I guess I can see how for the first time in hundreds of years a Black president would tip the scale a bit. I thought we were "one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all?" NO, LADY, BARACK OBAMA DIDN’T DIVIDE OUR ALLEGED "INDIVISIBLE" NATION WITH "EXTREMIST RHETORIC" OF HEALTH CARE FOR ALL… WHITE RACISTS DIVIDED THE DAMN NATION! (Insert Arthur fist meme.)

    This is exactly why Trump is the new “Juice.” His ride-or-die fans will stop at nothing to contort the truth coming up with new conspiracies on the daily to defend and protect him, his wife, and older kids. But damn, how quickly they forgot being absolutely disgusted by Michelle Obama having her arms exposed in a sleeveless dress and ready to fight anyone who dared defend her? Meanwhile our current First Lady has so little depth she wore a jacket that bears the words “I Don’t Care” to visit children in the immigrant (cough coughs, internment) camps.

    That is just one of the many complaints highlighting the petty and hypocritical nature of 45’s ride-or-dies. What about the more drastic and latest actions of Trump re Russia and NATO you say? His supporters aren’t even the slightest bit concerned about Putin and Trump being actual besties and selling all y'all into white gulag slavery?! The real question is, how far can Trump go before his ride-or-die stans stop giving him a pass? It’s almost as if Trump is the boyfriend that can cheat on you with your best friend, have a baby with her while ya’ll are together, make you the godmother and the step-mother of said baby, make you babysit said baby while he’s at the club every night, still hasn’t posted you on his IG, all while women are DMing you “coming to you as a woman,” and you STILL WON’T LEAVE HIM… because you “love” him. GIRL, BYE! Trumps figurative “d” can’t be that good!

    So now Trump is about to have a private talk on U.S. soil with Putin (after already having a two-hour meeting in Helsinki, which, BTW, details of that meeting are hidden in the Upside Down somewhere). The same crooked leader that hacked our country’s government to sway votes in Trump’s favor and who likely is leveraging an R-Kelly-esque golden shower tape over him… and Trump supporters are cool with him in America, but calling the cops on Black people because they have socks on in the pool. Didn’t Trump call people investigating Russian collusion with his candidacy a “witch hunt” yet as of February 2018, 25 of Russia’s special counsel are charged with either trying to influence the result of the election or hacking the democratic campaigns email’s??? Trump supporters, especially his WOMEN supporters, were more angry with Hillary’s emails than Trump OK-ing men grabbing them by the pussy… mic drop.

    I just personally don’t understand the logic behind 45’s ride-or-dies. How is it that you can tolerate all of the worst things a leader can do but be so angry that a little Black girl is selling water bottles on a hot day? How do they hate Hillary’s emails more than they hate Trump letting Russia run our elections? How can they justify a wall to keep out brown immigrants and rip “illegal” children from their families, but willingly spend their tax dollars on Euro-immigrant Melania so she can post up in the Trump Towers in NYC instead of the White House? And how is KNEELING worse than KILLING unarmed Black men!?

    Questions around Trump and his devoted fan base will probably remain unanswered to inquiring minds for years. And the only thing I wish more for the American people than those answers is that one day everyone will find a partner that will ride for them as much as they ride for Trump. Sorry Donnie, but Keke is a Democrat.


Written by Brittany Whitfield

Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images


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