Mom Says Her Daughter Ate So Many Hot Chips She Had To Have Her Gallbladder Removed

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Mom Says Her Daughter Ate So Many Hot Chips She Had To Have Her Gallbladder Removed

Rene Craighead was stunned to hear that her 17-year-old had to have the procedure.

Published July 24, 2018

A teenage girl reportedly had to have her gallbladder removed after eating too many spicy chips.

Rene Craighead from Memphis says her 17-year-old daughter experienced abdominal pain, and when they went to the hospital, got the shock of their life from the diagnosis.

Craighead told WREG she was surprised to learn that her teen’s gastrointestinal issues stemmed from the four large bags of spicy chips she ate weekly.

The mom is now speaking out to warn other parents to monitor their children’s diet more closely. She also described her young one’s love for spicy chips.

“She loves them. Every time I go out she says: ‘Bring me back some Hot Takis, bring me back some Hot Chips,’” Craighead said. “I want to make her happy, so I brought them back. She was eating big bags and would take them to school with her.”

“I was surprised that my daughter was sick like that,” she continued. “When my daughter had to have this surgery, I knew I had to tell everybody about it.”

Doctors told the mom that her daughter would have to have surgery to remove her gallbladder.

According to Dr. Cary Canvender, a gastroenterologist at Le Bonheur Children's Hospital in Memphis, his staff sees a high number of kids with stomach issues due to the spicy chips.

“We probably see around 100 kids a month, easily,” he told the station.

Frito Lay, after catching wind of the story has since sent a statement to regarding the safety of eating their lines of spicy chips.

"At Frito-Lay, we aim to delight our consumers and food safety is always our number one priority," the statement reads. "Flamin’ Hot Cheetos meet all applicable food safety regulations, as well as our rigorous quality standards. That said, we realize some consumers may be more sensitive to spicy foods than others and may choose to moderate consumption or avoid spicier snacks due to personal preference."

Remember: spicy food is good for your immune system and can speed up metabolism, but it also causes damage to the walls of your stomach if too much is consumed.

Watch WREG's package about what happened below.

Written by Paul Meara



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