Horrifying Security Video Shows Moment Cop Fatally Shot Black Man In The Back As He Sprinted Away

Horrifying Security Video Shows Moment Cop Fatally Shot Black Man In The Back As He Sprinted Away

Daniel Hambrick was struck three times by officer Andrew Delke.

Published August 9, 2018

In a newly released video from the deadly shooting of Black man last month, a white officer is seen firing at the man while he was running away.

On July 26, 25-year-old Daniel Hambrick, of Tennessee, was shot three times by Nashville police officer Andrew Delke. Although Hambrick was only hit three times, Delke fire his weapon four times.

On Wednesday, prosecutors released CCTV footage showing the shooting. After the footage was made public, Victoria Hambrick, Daniel’s mother, told CBS News the lethal force was not necessary.

"The police officer chases him with his gun drawn…and at some point he slows down and executes him," the family’s attorney, Joy Kimbrough, told CBS.

At the time of the incident, Delke was searching for a stolen car when he encountered Hambrick. Police said Hambrick was allegedly carrying a gun that he refused to drop. The department tweeted an image of the alleged gun and the Fraternal Order of Police argued Hambrick could have imposed a deadly threat on the officer.

"It is our firm belief that Officer Delke acted reasonably under the totality of the circumstances," James Smallwood, the president of the Nashville Fraternal Order of Police said.

However, it is unclear from the video if Hambrick was carrying a weapon before he was shot in the back and head.

"You can see my cousin running for his life. There's no way that he is a threat. No way, and we do want justice served for him. He did not deserve it. At all," Daniel Hambrick's cousin told CBS News.

Officer Delke was placed on administrative leave after the shooting. Neither the officer nor his vehicle were equipped with cameras.

Hambrick's family, along with the Nashville NAACP, is demanding the FBI to conduct a civil rights investigation into the department.

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo: Nashville District Attorney's Office)


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