Asian Woman Caught On Video Harassing Group Of Black Friends During Birthday Party

Asian Woman Caught On Video Harassing Group Of Black Friends During Birthday Party

Black Twitter quickly identified the party crasher, and she was fired from her job.

Published August 17, 2018

A woman was fired from her job at a car dealership after she was recorded harassing a group of Black friends during a birthday party at a lounge in Atlanta.

In a video recorded by Kodili Okechuwu, an Asian woman comes over to their reserved section at the Overdrive Lounge inside the Solis Hotel. The woman, later identified as Sonya Pate, took a seat at their table and refused to leave after being asked multiple times.

"Why would I leave," asked Pate.

"Because you look crazy right now and you're so disrespectful," responded Okechuwu.

Okechuwu told CBS46 Pate repeatedly told the group to "shut the f**k up." Eventually a manager came over but was very little help. When the manager attempted to speak with the woman, she still did not leave.

The group then confronted the manager, who then called them “aggressive,” reported The Root.

The group ended up leaving the restaurant shortly after.

Once Okechuwu posted the video to Facebook, Sonya Pate was identified as an employee of a Porsche dealership in Annapolis. She was later fired and the company issued the following statement on their Facebook page:

“Porsche of Annapolis was saddened and sorry to hear about the incident at an Atlanta hotel involving one of our employees. Please know that Porsche of Annapolis does not tolerate discrimination or harassment of any kind. After investigation, we have made our decision and terminated that person’s employment.”

Solis Hotel’s also issued a statement: 

“Solis Hotel’s mission is to provide welcoming hospitality to all guests, without prioritizing any guest over another, to experience the food and beverage outlets and amenities of the hotel. In response to a recent guest disturbance in the lounge, we have had the opportunity to personally meet with and express our apology to some of the guests whose night was disrupted. We have reviewed the occurrence thoroughly, and want to be clear that these guests were not asked to leave the premises. We are proud that our hotel is a gathering place within the international city of Atlanta, and we continue to be dedicated to the highest level of hospitality, fostering relationships within our local and travel communities.”

Written by BET Staff

(Photo: CBS46)


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