Video Reveals White US Missionary Yelled ‘Open My Godd**n Room N****r B***h’ In Ugandan Hotel


Video Reveals White US Missionary Yelled ‘Open My Godd**n Room N****r B***h’ In Ugandan Hotel

When Jimmy L. Taylor was arrested, he blamed his racist rant on a mental illness.

Published August 20, 2018

A white former U.S. Marine and church missionary was arrested in Uganda after assaulting hotel workers and using racial slurs.

Ugandan police identified the man as Jimmy L. Taylor, a U.S. citizen. The verbal assault took place in the Grand Imperial Hotel in Kampala, the capital of the African country. Video of the assault was posted to Facebook on Friday, yet it is unclear when the actual incident took place.

In the video, Taylor threw things from behind the check-in desk of the hotel, threw punches and slaps in the direction of the workers and called them “n****rs.”

He also attacked them for “hating Jesus,” ordered the workers to obey him and threatened to kill the staff.

“F**k Uganda,” Taylor yelled in the video. “I’ve come to love Uganda, I’ve come to help Uganda, but Uganda hates Jesus through this son-of-a-b***h.”

During the video, Taylor followed one of the workers into the lobby as another employee tried to intervene. Although the workers remained calm, Taylor stayed at a level 10 and attacked the hotel staff. 

“You obey what I say,” Taylor told a worker trying to de-escalate the situation. “I don’t obey you. You understand me? Open my goddamn room. N****r bitch!”

Eventually, police brought Taylor to Kampala’s Central Police Station, where he was charged with assault.

Taylor told police that he is a religious missionary and former U.S. Marine, the Kampala Post reported.

While he did admit to verbally assaulting the hotel employees, he claimed the outburst was due to an illness that caused him to have stress, according to the Post.

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo: Serdjophoto/Getty Images)


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