Bride Cancels Wedding Because Guests Didn’t Each Pay $1500 For Her Kardashian-Inspired Ceremony

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Bride Cancels Wedding Because Guests Didn’t Each Pay $1500 For Her Kardashian-Inspired Ceremony

After the couple sent invites, only eight people RSVP'd with checks.

Published August 30, 2018

We’ve all heard of bridezillas with outrageous demands for their big day, but have you ever heard of a bride going as far as to ask each attending guest to contribute $1,500 towards the wedding costs. Well, a woman by the name of Susan did that very thing, and when her guests gave her a hard no, she canceled the wedding.

According to the Daily Mail, "Susan," who is allegedly a Canadian woman, asked all of her friends and family to pay when they sent back their RSVPs.

However, when only eight people sent checks, Susan canceled the wedding explained why in a ridiculously long, now-deleted, Facebook Rant.

“How could we have our wedding that we dreamed of without proper funding? We'd sacrificed so much and only asked each guest for around $1,500. We talked to a few people who even promised us more to make our dream come true," she reportedly wrote on Facebook, according to Daily Mail.

"My maid of honor pledged $5,000 along with her planning services. We tearfully thanked and accepted. My ex's family offered to contribute $3,000. So our request for $1,500 for all other guests was not fucking out of the ordinary. Like, we made it clear. If you couldn't contribute, you weren't invited to our exclusive wedding. It's a once and a lifetime party.”

Susan said her dream (Kardashian) wedding was going to cost about $60,000, and she needed as much help as possible. However, when not enough people came through with the cash, she canceled the wedding and ended her relationship, which dated back to high school.

"We were f***ing livid," Susan wrote. "How was this supposed to happen without a little help from our friends. To make matters worse, my ex's family took back their offer. Suddenly, more people backed out, including the...maid of honor. My best friend since childhood. My second family. I was so shocked and tearful."

"I just wanted to be a Kardashian for a day and then live my life like normal," she said.

As the drama in her post continued to unfold, Susan claimed her ex was talking behind her back with the former maid of honor.

"I overheard him talking in the basement when he called me a stuck up b***h. Anyway I am exhausted. I am bone tired. My heart is not the same. It's stone cold," she wrote.

After posting, Susan reportedly deactivated her Facebook account.

Written by Rachel Herron

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