Cop Arrests Black Teen For Getting A Ride Home From Church With His White Grandma And Her Friend

Cop Arrests Black Teen For Getting A Ride Home From Church With His White Grandma And Her Friend

The officer said a couple reported that Akil Carter was robbing the older women.


A Black teen who was going home after church with his white grandmother was handcuffed by Wisconsin police after a couple accused him of robbing the older woman.

According to Wauwatosa Police, a Black couple told an officer that they saw a young Black man robbing two older whit women in a blue Lexus, reported the Journal-Sentinel.

Wauwatosa Police Capt. Brian Zalewski said an officer stopped the car where 18-year-old Akil Carter was riding in the back with two older white women in the front. Zalewski said officers drew their handguns, but kept them pointed in a safe direction during the traffic stop. The department did not disclose how many officers were pointing their guns during the stop.

In squad footage released by Wauwatosa police, Carter was told to drop to his knees. Off camera, Carter was detained and placed in handcuffs. In a different squad-car video, Carter sits in the back of a squad car while answering questions from the officers. Carter explains to the officers that his grandmother was in the passenger seat of the car and her friend was driving.

Eventually a female officer tells him it appears it was a misunderstanding.

Carter was held for about six minutes until he and the women were allowed to leave.

"I'm sure he [the person who reported it] saw two white ladies in a car with a black kid and he made some assumptions," the grandmother said in the video.

When the officers told her that it was a Black couple who reported the false robbery, she said, "That is even worse."

That couple who reported the robbery left the scene by the time officers arrived. They have not yet been identified.

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo: Wauwatosa Police Department)


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