This Family Was Rescued After Making A Desperate Tweet From Their Attic In Near Death Situation

TOPSHOT - Flooding is seen near Interstate Highway 95 in Lumberton, North Carolina on September 16, 2018. - A killer storm that left up to 13 people dead weakened to a tropical depression on Sunday, but US authorities  warned the devastation it caused -- including catastrophic flooding -- is far from over.Most of the fatalities from Florence, which made landfall Friday as a Category 1 hurricane, have occurred in North Carolina, where officials confirmed eight victims. They included three who died "due to flash flooding and swift water on roadways," the Duplin County Sheriff's Office reported. (Photo by Alex EDELMAN / AFP)        (Photo credit should read ALEX EDELMAN/AFP/Getty Images)

This Family Was Rescued After Making A Desperate Tweet From Their Attic In Near Death Situation

The woman, mother, and grandmother's cries for help didn't go unanswered.

Published September 16, 2018

A woman from North Carolina was recently rescued from serious flooding caused by Hurricane Florence after social media helped bring attention to her dire situation.

Breeanna Perry, her disabled mother Tameka and grandmother Peggy were trapped in their home in New Bern on Thursday night (September 13). They had to turn off their power for safety concerns and it caused contact to be a lot more limited in the process. The woman’s last effort was to take to Twitter and ask her followers for life-saving help.

While hiding in their attic to stay safe from rising flood waters, Perry used the last of her cell phone battery to create Twitter and Facebook statuses attempting to summon assistance.

“If anybody could help… our cars is under water and so is our house stuck in attic,” the tweet read. “Phone about to die please send help to _____ ave, new bern. NC.”

The tweet was retweeted 15,000 times and caught the attention of the Cajun Warriors, a local group who ended up being the ones to Perry and her family.

“I sent the tweet, I didn't expect it to go viral,” Perry told Fox Denver 31. “I came back in the house, we still had power, and everything, everybody was okay, we were just in our rooms watching TV.

“I actually put my feet on the ground to go talk to my mom, and I start being shocked, and I realized there was water on the ground and we had to turn the power off and after that the water was just coming in within minutes,” she continued.

After her phone died, Perry’s best friend Alissa Kite, took over her Twitter and provided updates about their rescue. Perry’s family was rescued at about 6 am after being trapped beginning the previous evening.

While the family did get out safely, they, like many others, lost their home, cars, clothes and many personal belongings. Kite has set up a GoFundMe on Saturday in order for the family to raise some money to recoup some of their losses.

Written by Paul Meara

Photo: ALEX EDELMAN/AFP/Getty Images


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