Mom Says Her 2-Year-Old Was Starved, Abused And Neglected For Over A Year By Day-Care Owner

Mom Says Her 2-Year-Old Was Starved, Abused And Neglected For Over A Year By Day-Care Owner

The woman who owns the facility was arrested after video footage showed her drugging and imprisoning children.

Published September 20, 2018

A Texas mother of a 2-year-old boy is detailing the traumatic abuse her son endured for over a year at a day-care center.

Ta'lor Oliver, of Forney, told the DailyMailTV her son Triston suffered bruises, scratches, starvation and “severe” diaper rash while attending Rebecca Anderson’s in-home day-care facility, Becky's Child Care.

Although Oliver said her son endured abuse for 14 months, Anderson, 60, was only arrested last Friday after a hidden camera caught her allegedly drugging children, strapping them into car seats, and locking them in closets for hours.

Anderson’s actions caught Oliver by surprise. She said the day-care owner was “sweet” and “well-spoken” with nothing but positive reviews online.

“The reviews were good, when I went to meet her, her house was super clean. When I brought Triston with me, she kinda let him roam around, she showed me all the rooms,” Oliver told DailyMailTV. said.

“Everything just seemed OK that I would trust her enough to let my son go there,” the mother added.

However, after the first visit, Oliver and her step-mother, Keonna Johnon-Oliver, were not allowed back inside the house. This is when she began to notice Triston would come home with bruises and scrapes and what appeared to be “carpet burn.”

When Keonna once asked about the injuries, she says Anderson would dismiss it as “roughhousing” between the children.

Looking back, Oliver realized there were several “red flags.”

“When we did come pick up Triston, she would never keep the door open long. You never saw inside, you never saw any other kid. I never heard any other kid. Typically you hear kids playing, laughing, music ... silent. I never heard anything,” Oliver said.

“There were times when she'd come to the door and she'll rant for 10 or 15 minutes. And in the back of your head you never think, what are the kids doing? I don't hear any kids, no kids running here, nothing like that, so that was a big red flag.”

Even after Anderson was arrested, Oliver was in shock.

“I couldn't believe it. I just would think every day I would drop him off and I would go to work just knowing that he could be in a closet, in a car seat for up to seven hours, and I know there were plenty of times when I pick him up and he'll be hoarse, and I never thought that that would happen,” Oliver tearfully said.

Looking back, Oliver says she wishes she “would've made a bigger deal” on things she overlooked.

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo: Dallas County Jail)


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