Woman Shares Terrifying Video Of A Man Following Her Home, Inspiring Hundreds To Tell Their Stories

"Concept: male following female in the dark night, a stalker"

Woman Shares Terrifying Video Of A Man Following Her Home, Inspiring Hundreds To Tell Their Stories

"Women are always under attack, this is why we need to protect and believe each other."

Published September 28, 2018

Yesterday the country watched as Brett Kavanaugh defended his name against the allegations of sexual assault made by Dr. Christine Ford. One thing that was very clear from the hearings, is that women will be demanded to prove if and when they are attacked by men. 

Earlier in the week, a Bronx native was stalked by a man who attempted to enter her apartment building. While most women around the country often go unheard because they have no way of proving their stories, this New York woman luckily had footage from a security camera to corroborate her horrific incident. 

30-year-old Alexa was coming home late one night and decided to take an Uber. When she was dropped off in front of her building, a man followed right behind her and almost entered her building. 

  1. Alexa tweeted a thread detailing the scary event
  2. She included video showing her approach the building without any idea that danger was right behind her
  3. The most chilling video shows the moments when she sees the man at the door and watches him until he leaves
  4. Alexa went on to describe how she called 911 once she made it home safe
  5. After her story went viral, hundreds of women commented with their own accounts

    In an interview with Buzzfeed's As/Is, Alexa opened up about how her situation is just one of millions that belong to the #MeToo movement.

    “If you ever doubted movements like the #MeToo movement, I think my story is the perfect example," Alexa told As/Is. "This right here is why we’re consistently talking about how we have to deal with this reality every single day. This right here is why women fear for their lives.”

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo: CribbVisuals / Getty Images)


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