White Woman Who Called The Cops On A Black Man Babysitting Two White Kids Says She Had A 'Funny Feeling' In Shocking 911 Call

White Woman Who Called The Cops On A Black Man Babysitting Two White Kids Says She Had A 'Funny Feeling' In Shocking 911 Call

"I see this black gentleman with two little white kids," she began her description to authorities.

Published October 13, 2018

Previously, we brought you a story about a white woman who called the police on a black man while he was babysitting two white children. Now, we’re actually learning what the woman said during her call to law enforcement, and it’s shocking.

  1. On Friday (October 12), an Atlanta woman called to report the man and told the operator she had a “funny feeling” about him. “Hi there, I'm in the Walmart parking lot at Barrett Parkway and I just got my nails done... and I see this black gentleman with these two little white kids and I just had a funny feeling,” she said during the call.

    Corey Lewis has been revealed as the man who the cops were called on and had been caring for 10-year-old Addison and six-year-old Nicholas on Sunday while their parents were out to dinner.

    “I rode around and I just came back and saw the girl get in and the little boy... and I said, ‘Are these kids OK? Do you know these kids?,’" the caller claimed. “And he goes, ‘why wouldn't I?’ and I said ‘let me see the little girl’ and he goes, ‘No.’" The operator was mostly silent during the call.

  2. The transcript of the call also reveals that the dispatcher suggested not following the man and children, which she ended up doing. “I think he knows I'm watching him. I'm right behind him... and if I'm wrong, that's great. I'm thrilled,” she said. “And maybe he knows their mom, I don't know, but I don't know that he knows them.”

    The parents of the children have since spoken out about the incident and are disappointed at how everything turned out. “The police officer was trying to explain that he was there with my kids and that they were OK, but he wanted to confirm that I had given permission to Mr. Lewis to be with them,” Dana Mango, the children’s mother, told Good Morning America. “It truly took me several minutes to believe that it was real. I was just in a state of disbelief.”

    Footage of the incident show an officer responding to the scene to interview Lewis and the kids. Eventually, he found out that the kids were being babysitted by Lewis and cleared him of any wrongdoing after speaking.

Written by Paul Meara

Photo: Tim Robberts


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