Megyn Kelly Slammed By Cedric The Entertainer As ‘Serial Perpetrator' Of Racist Remarks

Megyn Kelly Slammed By Cedric The Entertainer As ‘Serial Perpetrator' Of Racist Remarks

“Her apology [was] too little, too late [and] you are not sure if it is super sincere.”

Published October 31st

Megyn Kelly has gotten slammed by everyone over her egregious comments on blackface. Now, Cedric the Entertainer is taking shots at the former NBC host.

While at the 19th Annual Emmys Golf Classic on Monday, Cedric told the Daily Mail that he did not believe Kelly’s apology was sincere.

“It was a big debate in our house over this whole issue. We thought Megyn Kelly's actual ignorance to the fact that black face is offensive, is something you could say, ‘maybe.’ Maybe, you really believe that, and therefore I don't necessarily say, okay, this is what your determination is,” he said.

The comedian went on to say how Kelly is no stranger to dipping her toe in the racial pond.

“The problem with Megyn Kelly is that she is a serial perpetrator of indecent remarks about race and understanding sexuality. She's willing to act like she didn't know,” he added.

He then went on to say that her criticism of the #MeToo movement and her employment at Fox shows her character more than an apology.

“For #MeToo, she wasn't really standing up and then when it happened, she was like, ‘oh yeah, they did MeToo.’ When she was at Fox, she was extremely egregious at times.”

The Neighborhood star then questioned if Kelly’s apology was just an act to salvage her career.

“Her apology [was] too little, too late. There's enough people to find her and her attitude about things offensive, that you are not sure if it is super sincere.

“Do you want to keep your job? Do you feel like you really meant that? Sure, but are you truly sincere? And do you have the propensity to say it again or something similar to that?

“And that is what I believe people say the most about her, is that she is willing to say something again that crosses the line that is like ‘yo, we gave you a shot and you said it again.’ And I just can't take that shot man, you know?”

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photos from left: Nathan Congleton/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images, Michael Tullberg/Getty Images)


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