Tragic: Good Samaritan Teen Killed While Trying To Rescue Victims Of A Car Crash

Auto accident involving two cars on a city street

Tragic: Good Samaritan Teen Killed While Trying To Rescue Victims Of A Car Crash

19-year-old Bertha Estrada was hit by an SUV on a California freeway.

Published 1 week ago

A woman who stopped to help victims of a car crash on a California freeway was hit-and-killed by an SUV at the scene of the accident.

According to authorities, the good samaritan has been identified as 19-year-old Bertha Aida Estrada. She had stopped along the eastbound lanes of State Route 94 after witnessing the crash.

The California Highway Patrol says that an 82-year-old woman driving a gray Mercedes sedan was rear-ended by a 23-year-old woman driving a Honda Civic. The San Diego Tribune reports that after getting hit, the driver of the Mercedes lost control of the vehicle and crashed into the center divider.

Estrada subsequently pulled over onto the right shoulder of the freeway and ran across to check on the status of the crash victims. While standing next to the Mercedes, Estrada and the Benz were hit by a 24-year-old man driving a Jeep Patriot. The young woman was thrown into the westbound lanes.

Police say Estrada died before she could be taken to the hospital. Drivers of the Mercedes and Jeep were taken to a local hospital for treatment of minor injuries. Drugs or alcohol are not suspected as factors in the crashes.

Watch a local news package on the tragic incident below.

Written by Paul Meara

Photo: boonchai wedmakawand


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