Amanda Seales Calls Out The White Women, Hispanics, and Asians Who Voted For Trump Supporters

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Amanda Seales Calls Out The White Women, Hispanics, and Asians Who Voted For Trump Supporters

Overall, exit polls show Republicans' lowest voter-rate by race is still African-Americans.

Published November 8, 2018

Folks who vote Democrat may be encouraged that the House of Representatives are in the hands of their party, but Election Day, in many ways, had the “blue wave” not hitting its full tide.

  1. Amanda Seales is one of those bringing analysis to the results coming from November 6. She’s calling out races of people who, while still voted majority Democrat, did so in much lower numbers, including Latinxs and Asians.

    “White women once again showed they ass, but also that were not calling to attention the fact that Latinxs be showing they m****rf*****g asses too, ‘cause some of these Latinxs be thinking they white and voting white. I’m sorry, it needs to be said,” Seales said in a selfie Instagram video.


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    “Black women know. We nailing that s**t everytime,” she continued. “Asians, South Asians, Japanese, Chinese, etc. What are y’all on? ‘Cause let’s be real. The racism be heavy, heavy on y’all side.”

    “It’s also about people simply not having ethics,” Seales concluded. “Like they just don’t. People be willing to support candidates who support another candidate who cages children.”

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  4. According to the research group The Brookings Institute, exit polls show that while more white people did vote Democratic in comparison to 2016, the majority of them still vote for Donald Trump’s party. Numbers for Democrats among Hispanics and Asians were also up but to a much lower line in both percentage and turnout numbers compared to population for each.

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Written by Paul Meara


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