LMAO! How The Obamas Saw Malia Off To Prom With Her Crush Will Have You Crying Laughing

On Tuesday, January 10, (l-r), Malia Obama, First Lady Michelle Obama, and U.S. President Barack Obama, walk around the stage waving to guests, who were present for Obama's farewell address to the American people at McCormick Place Convention Center.  (Photo by Cheriss May/NurPhoto)

LMAO! How The Obamas Saw Malia Off To Prom With Her Crush Will Have You Crying Laughing

Even Barack and Michelle can be embarrassing at times.

Published November 13, 2018

We were all at that age when we believe everything our parents do is embarrassing. And going off to prom can be one of those times for sure.

  1. It definitely was for Malia Obama. In Michelle’s new book Becoming, she shared the story about how her and Barack sent their first-born off to the special occasion.

    According to PEOPLE Magazine, Michelle wrote that Malia told her that she had been asked to prom “by a boy she kind of liked.”

    “Just be cool, ok?” Malia reportedly said.

    "Her date arrived in his car clearing security at the southeast gate of the White House, following the path up and around the South Lawn by which heads of state and other visiting dignitaries normally arrived, and then gamely — bravely — walking into the Dip Room dressed in a black suit," Michelle wrote.

    Were the Obama’s casual while in office? Apparently so. Michelle added that Malia’s “embarrassment had already began to smolder as we rode the elevator downstairs. I was barefoot and Barack was in flip flops."

    Oh how we’d love to have seen that moment. We’re wondering how Malia looks back on it now and if her parents are the same way around her new boo.

Written by Paul Meara

Photo: Cheriss May/NurPhoto via Getty Images


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