Melania Trump Says Her Blood Red Christmas Trees Of Death ‘Look Fantastic’ After Getting Dragged

WASHINGTON, DC - NOVEMBER 26: More than 40 red topiary trees line the East colonnade as part of the holiday decorations at the White House November 26, 2018 in Washington, DC. The 2018 theme of the White House holiday decorations is 'American Treasures,' and features patriotic displays highlighting the country's 'unique heritage.' The White House expects to host 100 open houses and more than 30,000 guests who will tour the topiary trees, architectural models of major U.S. cities, the Gold Star family tree and national monuments in gingerbread. (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

Melania Trump Says Her Blood Red Christmas Trees Of Death ‘Look Fantastic’ After Getting Dragged

She also invited everyone to the White House for a sacrifice, we mean viewing.

Published November 27, 2018


While speaking at a town hall event at Liberty University on Wednesday, first lady Melania Trump was asked about those internet-breaking crimson Christmas trees, and to no one's surprise, she defended her decorative choice. 

The first lady was asked about how she feels about the media attention her blood red trees have received. 

"We are in (the) 21st Century and everybody has a different taste," she said. "I think they look fantastic. I hope everybody will come over and visit it. In real life, they look even more beautiful."


Just leave it to the Trump family to take the joyous and pure act of decorating for Christmas and turn it into something dark, scary, and sinister. 

On Twitter, First Lady Melania Trump revealed the White House Christmas decor for this year. After last year's chilling witchy white forest, many assumed Melania would take a more conventional approach to decorating this holiday season. 

  1. And you know what they say happens when you assume, you—hold up were those blood red trees?!
  2. Of course they were, because there's no such thing as regular happy Christmas with the Trump administration
  3. People on Twitter felt like the red trees perfectly represented the horrific acts taken by this White House
  4. Some couldn't help but point out the "Handmaid's Tale" of it all
  5. At this point, people have come to expect nothing less

Written by Rachel Herron

(Photo: Jabin Botsford/The Washington Post via Getty Images)


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