Tomi Lahren Gets Owned By 11-Year-Old ‘Little Miss Flint’

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Tomi Lahren Gets Owned By 11-Year-Old ‘Little Miss Flint’

"Little Miss Flint" did not come to play.

Published December 14th

By now, Tomi Lahren has got to be used to getting owned by just about everyone on Twitter. However, a recent tweet proposing we use $5 billion in taxpayer dollars to build the wall, the Fox News commentator learned how it feels to get dragged by a child.

It all started when Donald Trump said he’d be happy to shut down to the government if congress didn’t fund the border wall, you know the one he promised Mexico would pay for. Then two-dollar-trailer-park Tammy Lamlam hyped up the wall on Twitter.

“$5 billion spent on a wall will be the BEST $5 billion taxpayers EVER spent! Build the wall. Secure the border. America FIRST! I’ll discuss on @foxandfriends in 10 mins!” she wrote.

After the tweet, many people began reading Tomi for filth, including 11-year-old Mari Copeny, a.k.a. Little Miss Flint.

“Ah, yes. Why make sure that schoolchildren aren't poisoned by water when there's a multi-billion dollar monument to racism to be built?” she responded.

When she was only 8 years old, Copeny wrote a letter to President Obama and invited him to meet with her and others at a Washington, D.C., congressional hearing on the Flint Water Crisis. 

Instead of meeting her in Washington, Obama said he would travel to Flint to make sure people get “the help [they] need and deserve.” From then on out, the child-activist has become a face of the movement to help the people of Flint get clean drinking water, which has been contaminated sine 2014.

Written by BET Staff

(Photo: Rich Polk/Getty Images for Politicon)


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